[Peter Riley]


This is the only recent picture of me I find bearable. It was taken on 24th August 2005 at 12:42 a.m. by Michael Hohensee in the garden of the Lutheran Pastor’s house in Prejmer, a village in Transylvania not far from the city of Brasov. We were listening at the time to a string trio from Mercurea-Ciuc playing mostly well-known pieces in the Hungarian-Transylvanian village repertoire. Behind me is a jug and a glass containing the Pastor’s home-made red wine which had the admirable quality that you could drink quite a lot of it without becoming quickly inebriated, so it was socially helpful as opposed to the solipsistic 14% stuff they sell us here. “So they played old airs and dances as darkness came on and the lamps were lit above the tables...”


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