April Eye



Hushings. Calder Valley Poetry 2017. The second in series from "Pennine Tales" same format, 18 x 12-line poems. Edition of 120, £5.00

"Free Ramble on the Archpoet's Aestuans intrinsecus ira vehementi". Long Poem Magazine no.18, November 2017. A text from 1970 never previously published.

Five Poems from Ring Cairns. Poetry Salzburg Review Autumn 2017. From the third set of "Pennine Tales" poems, in which the 12-line limit is abandoned.

Five Poems (a different five) from the same context. due soon in Tears in the Fence.

Dawn Songs. Shearsman Books. 192pp paperback. £12.95:

Three essays on music. A short one on Derek Bailey as heard in 1970; a middle-sized one on surviving west gallery choral pieces performed in pubs of the Sheffield Moorlands area at Christmas, called Mass Lyric; and Dawn Songs itself, which is on a lamentational genre of Transylvanian village music and forms the bulk of the book.

Review of Chris Torrance, The Magic Door. Poetry Salzburg Review forthcoming.



Essay: On a Poem by John Riley. The Fortnightly Review.

Book reviews in The Fortnightly Review. Latest subjects:

(1) Pierre Reverdy, The Thief of Talant translated by Ian Seed.

(2) Anthony Mellors, Peter PhIlpott, The "Blackburn Beats", and a history of modernist poetry.

(3) Anthony Barnett, Simon Jarvis, Colin Simms, Keston Sutherland, (short reviews:) Ian Davidson, Billy Mills, John Seed.



At The Square Chapel, Halifax. Monday 12th February, 7:30.


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