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Hushings. Calder Valley Poetry 2017. The second in series from "Pennine Tales" same format, 18 x 12-line poems. Edition of 120, £5.00.

Ring Cairns. The third set of "Pennine Tales" poems, which abandons the 12-line limit. Excerpts appearing in periodicals: Five poems in Poetry Salzburg Review Autumn 2017. Five Poems (a different five) in Tears in the Fence, due soon. Another five poems have got stuck in a drawer in Manchester.

Dawn Songs. Shearsman Books. 192pp paperback. £12.95:

Three essays on music. A short one on Derek Bailey as heard in 1970; a middle-sized one on surviving west gallery choral pieces performed in pubs of the Sheffield Moorlands area at Christmas, called Mass Lyric; and Dawn Songs itself, which is on a lamentational genre of Transylvanian village music and forms the bulk of the book.

A chapter from this book has appeared in The Forthnightly Review, entitled "Zorile", about death-singing.

"On a poem by John Riley" (essay) The Káva Lectures. The High Window, forthcoming 2018.

"Free Ramble on the Archpoet's Aestuans intrinsecus ira vehementi". Long Poem Magazine no.18, November 2017. A text from 1970 never previously published.

"Prelude for W.S.G." (poem) The Caught Habits of Language. An entertainment for W.S.Graham... Donut Press 2018.

"Henge as Verb" (poem). The World Speaking Back. For Denise Riley. Boiler House Press 2018.

Review of Chris Torrance, The Magic Door. Poetry Salzburg Review Spring 2018.


With trembling hand a Collected Poems has been prepared for Shearsman and will appear later in the year. September in two volumes. The proposal for the covers is excellent.



Book reviews in The Fortnightly Review. Latest subjects:

(1) Anthony Barnett, Simon Jarvis, Colin Simms, + short reviews of Keston Sutherland, Ian Davidson, Billy Mills, John Seed.

(2) Appearing soon: on "expanded translation", featuring Peter Hughes, Tim Atkins, Trevor Joyce, Simon Smith, Philip Terry and others.



At The Albert (pub), Huddersfield, with Michael Haslam and Phil Foster.


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