A note on
Nicholas Moore


Around 1982 it occurred to me to go around asking “What became of Nicholas Moore?” Moore (1918-1986) was known then as a poet of the 1940s, when he was busily engaged in editing and publishing on the more radical side of the London scene in company with people like Tambimuttu, involved in the “New Apocalypse” grouping, and author of half a dozen books of poetry. I tracked him down to a maisonette in surburban Kent were he had been for about 40 years, alone and crippled by diabetes. What I found there is described in my Afterword to the 1990 edition of his Spleen (see http://www.ubu.com/ubu/moore_spleen.html) and how it happened in an interview with me incorporated into Iain Sinclair’s book Downriver (1991). Moore’s career collapsed in various ways around 1950 and he stopped writing, but started again some time after 1960. He was always prolific and an archive of some 3,000 poem typescipts and manuscripts was left behind when he died, of which I had temporary custody for a few years. I catalogued the material and transcribed some of it, and it is now in the safekeeping of Cambridge University Library. I edited and published his last poems as Lacrimae Rerum (1988).

Since there is no website dedicated to Moore I have mounted here a text of his, The Orange Bed which I reconstructed and edited. I hope to add more later.

Follow this link to download a pdf file of The Orange Bed (49kb).


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