Bibliography and Notes
(a): Peter Riley


A detailed bibliography up to 1999 can be found in issue 4/5 of The Gig, Toronto 2000, which is a special Peter Riley issue with texts, interview, comments, rambles, and analyses. Below are the principal books (further details of and excerpts from some of these are given in The Books) followed by notes: major misprints in the books, other publications, periodical essays and reviews, unpublished works, things available from me.


Love-Strife Machine. Ferry Press, London 1969. Cover by Michael Craig-Martin. Edition of 500. 26 signed with additional poem in holograph

Poems. Out of print.

The Whole Band. Published as no.3 of Sesheta, Lancaster 1972. Cover and illustrations by Adrienne Riley. Edition of 250, of which 25 numbered and signed.

A poetical work in diptych form. Out of print.

The Linear Journal. Grosseteste Review Books (no.9), Lincoln, 1973. Edition of 350 numbered, of which the first 50 signed.

Poems in sequence. Out of print.

Preparations. The Curiously Strong, London 1979. Edition of 200.

Set of 26 pieces. Out of print.

Lines on the Liver. Ferry Press, London 1981. Cover from a photograph by Beryl Riley. Ordinary edition + 12 copies signed and with additional holograph text, different in each copy.

A set of prose meditations, a poem sequence, and a story. Out of print.

Tracks and Mineshafts. Grosseteste Press, Matlock 1983. Frontispiece from a photograph by Paul Hill. Ordinary edition + about 20 cased.

Poetry and Prose. Out of print.

Company Week. Compatible Recording and Publishing , London 1994. Edition of 350.

Prose, meditations, doodles, etc., concerning or dictated by improvised music. Should be available from Incus.

Noon Province et autres poèmes. Atelier La Feugraie, Saint-Pierre-la-Vielle 1996. Text in French and English, translations by Lorand Gaspar, Sarah Clair and Claire Malroux.

As well as Noon Province it includes a complete translation of Ospita (by Claire Malroux, a valiant act) and the Tunisian poems from Snow has settled... Probably still available in France.
The English text of Noon Province here does not correspond exactly to the other English editions, and was in some places modified to accomodate the demands of being translated into French.

Snow has Settled [... ] Bury Me Here. Shearsman Books, Plymouth 1997.

Collection of 41 shorter poems, of which 19 republished in Passing Measures. Available from Shearsman Books.

Passing Measures. Carcanet 2000.

The selected poems.

Aria with Small Lights. West House Books 2003. Cover by Barny Riley.

Long poem.

Alstonefield: A Poem. Carcanet 2003.

Much longer poem.

The Dance at Mociu. Shearsman Books and Gratton Street Irregulars, 2003. Cover from a photograph by Beryl Riley. Introduction by Kelvin Corcoran.

Prose sketches, “factual stories”, of Transylvania.

Excavations. Reality Street Editions 2004.

Prose poems.

A Map of Faring. Parlor Press (West Lafayette, Indiana) 2005. Paperback and hardback editions. Cover from a photograph by Beryl Riley.

Set of three poem sequences in pastoral or distant locations, and the final version of Noon Province, the set of Provence poems first published as a booklet in 1989.

The Day’s Final Balance: uncollected writings 1965-2006. Shearsman Books 2007. Cover from a pastel by Julia Ball.

Prose, poetry, and all forms between.

The Llyn Writings. Shearsman Books 2007.

Prose, poetry, notes, lists, and farewells, about/to the Llyn Peninsula in North Wales.

Best at Night Alone. Oystercatcher Press 2008. Set of 48 short pieces in three parts as a 20pp A5 booklet with a cover painting by Peter Hughes.

Western States. A set of 59 very short verses based on the 59 paragraphs of U.S. Western (on this website). A chapbook from Free Poetry (Boise, Idaho), available free from Martin Corless-Smith at the University of Idaho.

(The) Twelve Moons. Oystercatcher Press 2009. 20pp A5 pamphlet. The title gets a definite article or not depending on whether you trust the cover or the title page. The blurb runs as follows---

A set of short poems adapted from the Chinese of Li Ho (aka Li He, 790-816 AD), a well-connected but entirely unsuccessful young man whose verse has been described as Dionysian and so untypical in Chinese traditions. The moons are months and there are thirteen of them due to ministerial inefficiency. The poems were written as lyrics, and they note the seasonal changes passing through the palace enclosures, and the rather sad lingerings of courtiers and dancing-girl, in facets of delicate metaphorical uncertainty.

Greek Passages. Shearsman Books 2009. 105 prose poems.

The Derbyshire Poems. Shearsman Books 2010. One-volume re-issue of Tracks and Mineshafts (1983) and Lines on the Liver (1981), both with some rewriting. To these are added Following the Vein (published as a broadsheet by Albion Village Press 1975, considerably rewritten) and the Two Essays published by Grosseteste in 1983 to accompany Tracks and Mineshafts. This ensemble forms virtually the entire body of poetical work to emerge from a study of the geology and mining history of the carboniferous limestone area of Derbyshire and North Staffordshire, c.1973-1983.

The Glacial Stairway. Carcanet 2011. Collects Aria with Small Lights, Best at Night Alone (a different version), The Twelve Moons, three other sets, two poetry+prose works and 11 poems.

Due North. Shearsman Books, March 2015. One work in twelve chapters, one of which was published by Longbarrow Press (Sheffield) in 2014, entitled The Ascent of Kinder Scout, enhanced by reproductions of two paintings of Kinder Downfall by Paul Evans.


Lorand Gaspar, Ground Absolute. Great Works Editions 1976. Edition of 200.

Translates a construct of Lorand Gaspar’s from his Sol Absolu.

I became dissatisfied with these translations and have re-done most of them since (see Unpublished Works, below).

Lorand Gaspar, Four Poems. Oasis Books and Shearsman Books, 1993.

Versions in English of the sequences Corps corrosifs, Îles, Patmos and Marine.

Anne-Marie Albiach, Two Poems. Shearsman Books 2004.

Versions of Flammigère and La ligne     la perte.


Between Harbours. With abstract images by Colin Whitworth. Cambridge 1996. Manufactured by Colin Whitworth. Edition of 40 copies signed by author and artist.

A4 vertically halved, ring-bound with card covers. Black images and one coloured through the text. Covers hand-painted, each unique. An original photo-collage mounted on each copy. Text republished in The Llyn Writings. Out of print.

The Sea’s Continual Code. Llyn details and poems 1979-1999, with abstract images by Colin Whitworth. Cambridge 2003. Edition of 60 copies signed by author and artist.

A5 ring-bound with card covers. Black and two coloured images through the text. Covers hand-produced, each unique. An original drawing mounted in each copy. Texts republished in The Llyn Writings. One or two copies may be available, inquire to contact address.

Poèmes Tunisiens. Traduit de l’anglais par Lorand Gaspar et Sarah Clair. Artist: Claude Garanjoud. Villeneuve lès Avignon: La Jetée, 2004. Special edition of 6 copies signed by author and artist. (The text reprinted from the French edition of Noon Province.)

Large octavo, five printed fascicles (four of text) on Velin bfk de Rives with three double-sided artist’s pages and a frontispiece loosely interleaved, contained in a thick paper folder with semi-transparent outer wrapper. All this contained in thick boards of a synthetic substance with a fixed covering of hand-coloured textile, unique to each copy, with ribbon fastener. The unique frontispiece consists of pieces of textile hand-coloured in red and blue mounted on paper, and the six artist’s leaves were produced in the same way transferred to an inkjet printing process.

The colophon gives an edition of 81 copies of which 6 the special edition described. The 75 ordinary copies were to have a printed outer cover and frontispiece, the same for all copies. Unfortunately Claude Garanjoud died after seeing the special edition through, and as far as I can ascertain there is not and will not be an ordinary edition.


The Antiquary. Wivenhoe Park Review 2, 1965. Previously in The Engish Intelligencer.

Birth Prospectus. The End of Us. Grosseteste Review X, 1977, republished in A Various Art, Carcanet 1987, extracted in Passing Measures and published as an e-book by Intercapillary Editions 2007.

The Glacial Stairway. A poem in two parts following a walking route in the Pyrenees from the Ariège region over the mountains into Andorra. The first part in PN Review no.174 (XXXIII/4) March-April 2007, the second part in fragmente no.9, 2007.

Sad Fates of the Songsters. 22 one-line poems, published with A Thesis on the Ballad by Kelvin Corcoran to form Lost in Music Found Again, an e-book from Ahadada Books.


Some Considerations of the Playing of Derek Bailey. Great Works 2, 1973.

The Narratives of The Holy Grail [Jack Spicer]. Boundary 2, VI/1, 1977.

Peak District Mine Names: a preliminary survey. Bulletin of the Peak District Mines Historical Society, VI.5 1977, and offprint.

Slow Music: A Thesis. Musics 17, 1978.

T.F.Powys at Mappowder. The Powys Review 3, 1978.

‘With You’ by Anthony Barnett: Observations. Grosseteste Review XII, 1979. Revised reprint as: The Kind of Poem that ‘With You’ Is, in The Poetry of Anthony Barnett, Allardyce Book 1993.

On Andrew Crozier’s Poetry. Archaeus [2] 1989.

Afterword: Spleen by Nicholas Moore. Second edition, Menard Press 1990.

The Creative Moment of the Poem. Poets on Writing, Macmillan 1992.

A Poetry in Favour of the World (on R.F. Langley). Form Books 1997 (issued separately because not considered suitable for Angel Exhaust).

Interview by Keith Tuma. The Gig 4-5, Toronto 1999-2000.

The Slink. News for the Ear: a homage to Roy Fisher. Stride 2000.

Two Letters to British Poets. Quid 6, Cambridge November 2000.

Mass Lyric. Additional Apparitions edited by David Kennedy and Keith Tuma. The Cherry on the Top Press 2002.

W.S. Graham: first and last. Aquarius 25/26, 2002.

[This essay as printed contains a host of errors, mainly arising from the fact that the editor requested a much shorter introductory section, which was supplied and printed, but the rest of the essay was printed as first sent, so that the adjustments I had made to accommodate the new beginning were absent, resulting in anomalies. There were also errors of transcription. See “Misprints” below. The original introductory section was subsequently expanded into the essay “Thomas and Apocalypse”.]

“anxious fuschia ocean”: the accomplishment of Randolph Healy. Chicago Review 49/2, summer 2003.

Review of W.S. Graham, New and Collected Poems. Jacket website 2004.

Review of Peter Gizzi, Some Values of Landscape and Weather. PN Review 158 (XXX/6), 2004. Repeated on Jacket website.

Review of W.S. Graham: Speaking Towards You, edited by Ralph Pite and Hester Jones. PN Review 159 (XXXI/1) 2004.

Review of Robert Adamson, Reading the River. PN Review 163, 2005. Repeated on Jacket website.

Review of Alice Oswald, Woods etc. Shearsman magazine website 2006.

Matthew Mead: a note. PN Review 167 (XXXII/3) 2006.

Dorian Cooke. PN Review 168 (XXXII/4) 2006.

Review of two books by John Seed. PN Review 169 (XXXII/5) 2006.

‘Sun Set 4.56’. Quid 17, J.H Prynne: in celebration. June 2006.

Review of David Kinloch, In My Father’s House. Shearsman magazine website 2006.

Review of Peter Minter, Blue Grass. Jacket website 2006.

Review of Tom Lowenstein, Ancestors and Species. PN Review 171 (XXXIII/1) 2006.

[letter to the editor] Chicago Review 53:1, 2007. Repeated with a bibliographical appendix on the Chicago Review website. A response by John Wilkinson appeared in the subsequent issue.

Seán Rafferty\92s Echoes (essay). Intercapillary Space (blogspot). 23rd June 2008, as part of a small symposium on Seán Rafferty. (Anyone who downloaded or copied this text soon after it first appeared should go back to the site and do it again. Some misapprehensions about Rafferty\92s career as an innkeeper have been corrected.)

Andrew Crozier: an appreciation. PN Review 182. 2008

Andrew Crozier (obituary) The Guardian 21st July 2008

Review of Peter Hughes, Nistanimera. PN Review 180, 2008

Thomas and Apocalypse. Poetry Wales XLIV/3, winter 2008-9

Review of John Welch: Collected Poems, and Dreaming Arrival. The Use of English 60/2, Spring 2009.

Review of Lee Harwood, Selected Poems and Not the Full Story. PN Review 187, 2009.

Review of Pauline Stainer, Crossing the Snowline. PN Review no.188, 2009.

Anna Mendelssohn (obituary) The Guardian December 15th 2009.

David Chaloner (obituary) The Guardian June 15th 2010.

Review of Thomas A. Clark, The Hundred Thousand Places. PN Review no. 192, 2010.

Review of Michael Haslam, A Cure for Woodness. Tears in the Fence no.52, 2010.


Poetry booklets and pamphlets: approximately 20 of them, 1971-2000, mostly now republished, especially in The Day’s Final Balance and The Llyn Writings or quietly forgotten about.

A bibliography of T.F Powys was published in 1966, and I edited his Two Tales for publication also in 1966. By Nicholas Moore I edited and published (with Michael Haslam) Lacrimae Rerum: last poems in 1988, and edited Longings of the Acrobats: selected poems, Carcanet 1990. I edited and published A Meeting for Douglas Oliver in 2002.

Derek Bailey spoke texts by me on two of his solo CDs: Takes Fakes & Dead She Dances (Incus CD31, 1998) and Poetry & Playing (Paratactile PLE1116-2, 2003).


The Price of the Picture. 1976.

39 poems entirely collaged from Edward Lear\92s accounts of his travels in Greece and Asia Minor.

Dawn Songs.

An essay on a genre of Transylvanian village music with notes and appendices extending further. 130pp of prose on A4. See the short version: Dawn Songs.

The Serial Poems of Jack Spicer.

This was the title of my 1975 M.A. thesis at the University of Keele. I suppose it could be turned into a book, at enormous labour on someone’s part.

Collected Writings on Poetry and Music.

The possible future existence of a book of this title has been spoken of once or twice.

Lorand Gaspar, Absolute Ground (or other title).

Revised version of Ground Absolute to which other texts may be added.

Unfinished or unstarted essays:

1. City Walking: Vienna. A journal of being stranded in Vienna for two weeks in the early winter of 2001

2. Paris Off-season. A topographical memoir with thoughts on Douglas Oliver.

3. The Secret History of the Cambridge School of Poetry.


The Linear Journal
p.5, three lines up from end, for Camomile read Calamine.
Three of the place names appended to the poems in Part I are wrong, and should read:

El Serrat


Andorra la Vella

No.6 line 2, for bread read bead

Tracks and Mineshafts (a selection)
p.32, twelve lines up, for the first to read as
p.33, second paragraph line 4, for tends read trends
p.58, end of 1st paragraph, read: sink entirely each into the other

Two Essays
An errata slip is available from me.

Passing Measures
p.21 second stanza line 6. For martens read martins (!)
p.99 “Bole Hill” line 8. For sweeping read weeping

W.S. Graham: First and Last: in Aquarius 25/26
An errata list is available from me, in a short version giving only essential corrections, or a full one of two A4 pages

The Dance at Mociu
p.67 line 4, for space read place

Aria with Small Lights
The 22nd stanza, line 7. For it read its
The 25th stanza, last line. For creature read creatures
The 29th stanza, line 8. For it read its

A Map of Faring
p.35 line 10. For bears read bear.
p.54 (Notes) third note. For heard read hard

Lorand Gaspar, Four Poems
The list of Lorand Gaspar’s books on p.(2) should be the top half of page 42, continued below with the words “Lorand Gaspar is also...”. The information about the original texts on the lower half of p.42 should stand separately


I am not the Peter Riley attributed as translator on page (4) of Radical America Comix., Frankfurt/Main 1970. And I am not the author of the poem “A Quiet Cottage” on p.11 of CCCP 12 anthology 2002. I was never a bookseller in Warrington, Cheshire, who (if it was the same Peter Riley) authored several items of local history, getting perilously close to my home ground in a book about Bramhall, Cheshire. I am not the author of Bathing your Budgerigar.


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